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Nanofabrication and characterization

Elko Garage
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Elko Garage

Engineering makerspace

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AI Infrastructure

Elko Garage

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CREATE (Collaborative Resources for Advanced Technology Experiences) empowers innovators to build new technologies - big, small, and intelligent - through our open-access resource facilities.

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A nanofabricated white hexagon displaying artificial intelligence.

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The nanofab logo of the University of Alberta.
Our nanofabrication and characterization is provided by the nanoFAB, housed at the University of Alberta.
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A man in a lab using AI technology on a laptop.
Elko engineering garage logo with nanofab and AI elements.
Our engineering makerspace is provided by the Elko Engineering Garage, located at the second floor of the Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex.
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A hallway equipped with advanced nanofabrication technology and AI that features a vibrant yellow sign and floor.
Our AI / ML infrastructure is provided by ISAIC (Industry Sandbox & AI Computing).
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A server rack with advanced technology and nanofabrication.

Trusted by our clients

"The nanoFAB is unique. It’s probably the best nanotechnology centre in western Canada. This is a facility that Canadians, Albertans, Edmontonians should be proud of. This is a facility that is going to build our future, and has been a big part of building diversified economies in Alberta for the past 15, 20 years. This is the future."
Hooman Hosseinkhannazer
CEO, Norcada
Norcada AI logo on a nanofabrication background.
"The Garage staff members have taught me everything I know about manufacturing and design for manufacture, they are extremely helpful and friendly. Before utilizing the Garage, I didn't even know how to use a 3D printer, and now I'm learning how to use a CNC mill!"
Stevie Desmarais
Mechanical Design Co-Lead 2021-2024, the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project (ARVP)
A nanofabrication logo with a gear and a Canadian maple leaf.
"Before, it takes me a couple of days to get results but with ISAIC's AI cluster, it takes only 15-20 minutes."
Jihao Yu
University of Alberta
The University of Alberta logo displayed on a green background.
"The nanoFAB is my second favourite place on campus, after my own lab. It basically has to be because nothing that we do in my lab could happen without the nanoFAB . Everything that we study at some point in its creation goes through the nanoFAB."
Mark Freeman
Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics, University of Alberta
The University of Alberta logo displayed on a green background.
"My time in the Elko Engineering Garage has helped me grow both as a person and as an engineer. When I first used the Garage, I had little to no hands-on experience and wanted to take my designing skills to the next step. The supportive community within the Elko Engineering Garage helped me discover my passions in designing & manufacturing and brought me lifelong skills, friends, and memories. Ultimately, the Elko Engineering Garage was the stepping stone in my professional development as a mechanical engineer."
Ryan Tan
President 2022-2023, Student Team for Alberta Rocketry Research (STARR)
Star student team specializing in nanofabrication for biomedical research in Alberta.
"All the projects we are undertaking, we would not have dreamt of doing, but the speed of the compute power at ISAIC makes it possible to do various projects and continue new streams of projects because they are going so quickly."
Clinisys logo on a green background highlighting nanofab technology.
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